February Fishing Report

It’s winter in Hawaii, and yes, Hawaii does get a winter, just not a freezing, snowy winter like the mainland is getting right now. We’ve had some windy and rainy days, but also some nice fishing days as well. We’ve been seeing some nice sized Mahimahi brought in as well as Striped Marlin, Spearfish and Tuna (Ahi and Aku). We’ve also had some nice Blue Marlin reported, with the Magic reporting a 380lb in early February. So there are some nice fish out there, just have to find a nice weather day to go get them. We should be seeing even more Mahimahi in the next few weeks as we get into March, which is prime Mahi season.

On Kauai, Tom the fresh water bass guide has been catching some good sized small mouth bass. Peacock’s are not biting yet, but he is getting other species.

It’s still a lot nicer and warmer in Hawaii than on the mainland, so it’s a great time to take a trip to Hawaii to fish!

Ahi Feb 2019.jpg

December Fishing Report

December is usually the start of the good season for Striped Marlin and quite a few were caught by boats on all the islands. The Stripies usually are in good numbers through the spring so look for more Striped Marlin in the next few months. Blue Marlin are usually a bit less this time of year, but some nice Blues were also hooked up this month. Mahimahi taper off now until around March, however, boats did catch some nice Mahi’s as well in December. The Big Eye Tuna are around as well with Yellowfin also being reported. Overall, December was a good month for Striped Marlin, Blue Marlin, Mahimahi and Tuna. Look for more Spearfish (like a skinny marlin) to show up in January.

For the bass fishing on Kauai, some rainy days cancelled a few trips, but trips that did run had some nice catches of small mouth bass. Peacock bass usually are not biting this time of year, but you can catch other bass species.

It’s a lot warmer in Hawaii right now than on the mainland, so stash the snow boots and get out your flip flops, come fishing in Hawaii with us!


October Fishing Report

Magic with a nice haul of Mahimahi!

Magic with a nice haul of Mahimahi!

Small Mouth Bass caught on Kauai with guide Tom Christy

Small Mouth Bass caught on Kauai with guide Tom Christy

October was good for Mahimahi with some nice catches in the 25lb plus range and days of multiple catches as pictured in the Magic photo above. We also had some nice Blue Marlin caught and/or released this month as well with several over 300lbs. The Ahi were also still biting with some nice sized Ahi (Yellowfin Tuna) brought in. Look for more Mahimahi into November as well as the Big Eye Tuna which come around this time of year. We also get Blue Marlin year round so there’s always a shot at a nice Blue.

The bass fishing on Kauai was great this month for some nice Small Mouth Bass which are strong fighters. Tom says the bass in the rivers where he fishes are strong fighters compared to lake bass as they have to battle the currents. The photo above is a nice approximately 4lb Small Mouth Bass and another almost as large was also caught on this same trip. The Peacock Bass have not been biting well this year, probably due to the flooding from the hurricane earlier in the season so hopefully we will get a better Peacock Bass bite in the spring. The river is beautiful and the Smalls are biting so it’s still a great trip with Tom.

July Fishing Report

July is during the best time for the large Blue Marlin in Hawaii and boats have been reporting some nice marlin catches this month.  Our client on the Mahea B off Oahu was not disappointed on his trip as they brought in a huge 649lb Blue.  Boats are also reporting Ahi, Ono and Mahimahi. 

649.78lbs Landed on the Mahea B off Oahu

649.78lbs Landed on the Mahea B off Oahu

For the bass fishing on Kauai, Tom is getting some nice largemouth bass in the 6lb+ range. The Peacock Bass still are not cooperating very well yet this year and Tom thinks maybe it's because of the unusually heavy rains on the island that happened earlier this summer.  Still hoping the Peacock Bass bite picks up in August as the weather has been better this month.  Even if the Peacocks are not biting, it's still a great trip with Tom for largemouth bass in some amazing, scenic waters on Kauai.  


June Fishing Report

June marks the start of the summer season which means Blue Marlin, Ono and Ahi begnning to show up in full force.  Some large Blue Marin over 300lbs were reported in June along with some smaller ones in the 100lb+ range.  We also had some nice Ahi brought in in the 100lb+ range.  Other fish caught have been Spearfish (looks like a skinny marlin) and Ono.  Look for more Blues and Ahi to be caught into July and the remainder of the summer.  Best time for the big Blue Marlin is June through September.

For the bass fishing on Kauai, we had some unusual heavy rains late in the spring so Tom was not able to get out as many days as he liked.  The weather eventually improved and Tom found some nice good sized largemouth bass in the 5-7lb range.  Peacock bass have not been biting too good yet, so hopefully they will start biting in July as the weather warms up and the rains subside.  You never know with the Peacock Bass when they will decide it's time to bite so we just keep trying for them.  

May Fishing Report

The summer season is almost upon us and the Blue Marlin have already been showing up in good numbers with many over 500lbs reported.  May is the peak month for Ono and still during peak time for Mahimahi so we have had some good action with both.  The Ahi have also been coming around in greater numbers and should increase as we get into the summer months.  It's a great time to fish in Hawaii with large Blue Marlin, Yellowfin Tuna (Ahi) and Ono in good numbers throughout the summer months.  

Bass fishing on Kauai was slowed a bit with spring rain flooding on Kauai, but the waters are cleared up now and guide Tom has been catching some really nice largemouth bass, some over 5-6 lbs.  The Peacock Bass have not been biting yet, so hoping they will start soon as the weather warms up.  The good action with good sized largemouth bass makes up for the lack of Peacocks right now, so it's still a great time to bass fish on Kauai.

Nice largemouth bass caught in May on Kauai

Nice largemouth bass caught in May on Kauai

April Fishing Report

Spring is here and so are the Mahimahi!  April has been a good month for Mahimahi as well as Spearfish and Striped Marlin.  Nice Mahi's in the 15 - 30lb range.  Some nice Blue Marlin were also caught or released.  The Ono (wahoo) have also been around lately, with more to come probably in May as May is usually a good time for Ono along the 4 fathom curve.

As for bass fishing on Kauai, mid April was tough with the floods on Kauai, but the water has cleared up in the rivers and Tom has been out catching again.  The bass have been larger in size rather than quantity, but Tom has landed some huge ones.  He had a nice 8lb plus largemouth bass right after the storm and he has been catching nice smallmouth's in the 3-5lb range as well as largemouths.  Near the end of the month as the water really cleared up he saw some huge smallmouth's in the 6lb range fighting a huge largemouth in the river.  He couldn't get them to bite that day but was going back to the spot to try again as he knows they are there.  Peacock bass have not started biting yet, hopefully in May as the weather warms up.  

Nice Mahi Mahi caught off Oahu in April!

Nice Mahi Mahi caught off Oahu in April!