Hawaii Weather Reports

Images & Charts

Surface & Satellite Chart (Our Favorite!) - Choose the GOES-10 with AVN images.   Shows satellite picture with overlay of pressure and wind data.  The green lines and numbers show the pressure in milibars, while the letters indicate highs and lows.  The flags indicate which direction the wind is blowing and the ticks indicate how hard it's blowing.  A short tick is 5 knots, and a long tick is 10 knots, therefore, a flag with two long ticks and one short tick would mean the wind is blowing 25 knots in that area.

Satellite Image - Shows just the satellite image and cloud patterns without overlaid data.

Hawaiian Islands Sea Surface Temperature - NOAA Coastwatch -  Shows the water temperature in degrees Celsius. For Fahrenheit, take the Celsius number, times it by 9, divide that by 5 and then add 32.

Marine Forecasts - Look under Text Products heading on the page for Coastal and Offshore forecasts.

Oahu Surf Report

Tide Tables - Shows tides for anywhere in the world. Pick Hawaii and then choose from a list of the harbors.

The Famous Green Flash - What is the Green Flash? Yes, you can see the green flash in Hawaii if you have a clear horizon and the sun sets over the water.