Comments from Visiting Anglers

Sportfish Hawaii takes a great deal of pride in our customer service, and remains the number one reason why our customers book with us. We welcome feedback from all customers following their visit to Hawaii, and some of those comments are posted in this section. 

Because of the large number of responses we receive, obviously we will post the most favorable comments, but we recognize that not every single person will be 100% satisfied with every aspect of their trip. Our ratio of favorable comments to complaints is well over 98%, something we're very proud of.

Most complaints we receive are based on a slow fishing day, which is statistically inevitable, but we do periodically receive complaints for other reasons. If you would like to receive information regarding complaints we have received, we will forward them to you upon request. This is our way of reassuring you, our fishing friend, that quality control is alive and well at Sportfish Hawaii!

From Bill who fished on the Wild Bunch on Oahu

Wanted to thank Wild Bunch for a great day of fishing.  They worked hard to successfully land the three fish we caught.  My grandchildren had an experience of a lifetime.  Attached is a photo of their catch.

Thanks again Wild Bunch. 

Bill from California

From Luther who fished on the Magic on Oahu

Wow!!! What a trip.  Russell and Gary were the best.  We caught 5 different kinds of big game fish.  These guys worked their guts outfor us.  My 83 year old dad was thrilled when he pulled in his stripped marlin.  

Thanks for a great trip.  I cannot wait to get back to Hawaii to fish on the Magic.

From Brad, who fished on the Start Me Up in Maui

I just returned home after our vacation in Hawaii... and wanted to pass along some comments about our charter.

First off- we had an incredible time!  Capt Denny and chris sure made us feel right at home! I spent most of my time chatting with Denny and sure enjoyed his company.  My girls caught fish (the trip was my youngest daughters dream) and it was a wonderful day.  You have some wonderful people working for you- and they made all the difference in the world.

Thank you


From Matthew, who fished on the Marlin Grando in Kona

I wanted to let you know that I had an amazing time yesterday on the Marlin Grando for my 40th birthday. Capt. Eric and John were exactly the type of Capt. and crew I like to fish with when I charter. They were both serious fishermen that really know these waters. We caught four Ono and to my knowledge we were the hottest boat of the day boating the most fish. I also really appreciated Eric and John fishing right up the end. From the time we left the harbor until the last second possible when we had to return these guys were fishing! They are a great team and I had an absolute blast! Being a meat fisherman, I was also so pleased that the Marlin Grando completely lived up to its word regarding its fish disposition policy. For me its all about my BBQ. My trophy is coming home to eat the fish I've caught or the bragging rights when I cook it for friends and family!  This is the joy of fishing for me! These guys completely got it and went hard after the species that put food on my grill. I am very grateful, and I wouldn't fish on any other boat, but the Marlin Grando with Capt. Eric and his first mate John when I come to Kona.

From Craig, who fished on the Marlin Grando in Kona

For what you did, and your recommendations of what boat to charter. I want to THANK YOU.......... The 'Marlin Grando' is a beautiful boat, I was very satisfied with it's accommodations, beauty, and how well kept it is. Vinny (the skipper) and his deck hand (Brian), work very well together, and were accommodating as well as social. I set out to catch tuna & mahi mahi, and that is what we game back to the pier with. I also very much enjoyed the sport of my day of fishing with Marlin Grando and her crew.
I will again use you, as well as this boat and her crew again. Can we make reservations for next year yet????????????????

From Tony, who went on the night shark hunt

I just wanted to take this time to thank you all for a great night of Shark Fishing, your team that night were excellent hosts, very knowledgeable, and friendly, we caught 2 beauty's that night, but most of all the scenery and the opportunity to spend that time out there, sharing it with members of my family "Priceless" thank you again, and I will recommend you to all.

             From Graham & Michelle, who chartered the Wild Bunch

Hi just like to say we had a brilliant time onboard your boat.

Graham and Michelle

             From Jake, who chartered the Grander and Maka Hou

Just wanted to let you know that our group had a great time on the Maka Hou and the Grander. All 5 people on the Maka Hou caught a wahoo, and the Grander caught 2 wahoos. I have attached pictures for you.

From Sam, who chartered the Wild Bunch

I am just writing to say thanks for setting us up for the day of fishing with the Wild Bunch. We didn't have the best luck, but we had a great day of sun and drinking with the guys. Clint and Rob were great and are definitely recommended. I attached a picture from the day and hopefully when we make it back to HI, we can try again.


From Steve, who chartered the Wild Bunch

Just wanted to thank you for the great fishing experience on the Wild Bunch.  We all had a great time and while the water was rough, we all made out very well.  Please extend our thanks to Carl and Clint for their great work.  They both made the day enjoyable.  The attached picture is of my son Michael and his catch of the day!

Thanks again.

From Greg, who chartered the Kai Bear

I wish to thank Captain and mate for a great trip. In fact, my best trip on a "cruiser". Having fished many places, I had pretty much given up ever having a good trip. But Jim and Mark were able to bring the luck of the Irish upon us last Thursday. (the gecko that hitched a ride on my car for 5 miles didn't have anything to do with it, I am told. :-) 

We caught 8 Ono and a Mahi. (we call 'em Dodo's here in San Diego) I was able to take my share of fish, and I thank you for that. We also hooked but lost a 300 pound Blue Marlin. That got the adrenalin going!

Overall, I found the experience to be great. The crews of both boats were very friendly, the boat was acceptable and the gear superb. And, of course, the fishing was good. But, even if we hadn't done well, it was an experience I enjoyed and would still enjoy. If you can forward my comments to Kip, it would be appreciated. I will be back to fish with these guys when I return to Kauai in about three years. I will recommend this operation to my friends.

Thanks again for a great day.

From Ray, who chartered the Wild Bunch

Finally getting back to a normal routine of a mainlander. Just wanted to thank you for arranging a fantastic fishing trip on the Wild Bunch.  Captain Mike and mate Rob did a great job. Their personalities were only out done by their fishing knowledge. They put us on fish from the very start and maintain the action all day (10 hours!).  I boated 2 Mahi and 1 yellow-fin.  All toll (6 people) we boated 13 mahi, 2 blue-fin, and 1 yellow-fin (not counting 12-15 skip jacks). It was the highlight of my Hawaii trip. I only regret that I didn't have a chance to meet you in person as you were so very helpful in setting up the trip for me. If I ever return to Hawaii (it was a 19 hour travel time to get back home) I will absolutely fish again through your network. Once again Kathy, THANK YOU!!

From John, who chartered the Wild Bunch

I just wanted to write back and tell you that I had a great fishing trip with Karl and Mike at The Wild Bunch.  They were both great and made our "Easter Egg Hunt" in the deep waters off of Oahu a very successful one.  Thanks for making the reservation and hooking me up with such a great boat and crew.  I thought I would pass on one thought I suggested to Mike, and that is to try and update the website with current pictures.  I know for me and trying to make a choice, if I saw pictures that were very current I would feel very comfortable in making a choice.  Seeing is believing.

Thanks again and I can tell you, when I make it back I will be looking for those two for my next trip

From Herb, who chartered the Kai Bear

Last Thursday myself and my two sons went out fishing with Ben and Alex.  I just wanted to let you know how impressed we were with them.  I made a big mistake by booking the fishing trip for 6:45am and the evening before our fishing trip I found out that our ship, The Pride of America, did not get into Nawiliwili Harbor until 8:00am.  Ben and Alex agreed to wait for us.  It was totally my fault and they could have left without us but they waited.


It was raining hard when we were allowed off the ship so Ben drove over and picked us up.  Alex was great during the trip explaining everything to my two sons about deep sea fishing.  Even though we did not catch anything we had a great time and many great memories.  After the trip Ben gave us a ride back to our ship.


 I just wanted to let you know about Ben and Alex going out of their way for us.  I will definitely recommend Kai Bear to my friends.  Could you please let Ben and Alex know we appreciated all they did for us.  Thank you.

From Russel, who went on the Shark Hunt

I just want to take time and let you know how much I appreciated my time in Hawaii .  This has been one of the greatest trips I have been on.  I can’t tell you enough how much I appreciated the efforts that Captain Tim put forth in order for us to have a good time while we were out fishing.  When I came home that is all I did was tell everybody about the fishing expedition that I took and I will recommend your services to everyone and I plan on doing this again in the future.  If you look at the photos close you can see that it had babies right along the boat which was incredibly awesome and a once in a life experience.

From Ralph, who chartered the Hinatea

Wanted to thank both Mark and Kevin for a wonderful day out on the ocean with my family.  Both had said that the previous few days not much was biting, but that they were going to do there best to change that, and they did.  9 Tuna and 1 mahimahi later we were all smiles.  This was my first time out on the ocean fishing and I had a wonderful time.  You guys were great,  I enjoyed your knowledge and experience which led to a memorable day.  Thank you both.  I will see you next time.

From Kenny, who chartered the Magic

We just returned from our trip to Hawaii and I had to write you to let you know what a great fishing trip we had. Toots and Chris onboard the Magic are top notch guys. My son, my Dad and a friend went with me on Thanksgiving day and we caught 3 Mahi Mahi and a 415 lb Blue Marlin. I caught the Marlin and it was a lifetime dream realized. I have caught just about every fish that swims and that was the reason I booked the trip. Toots and Chris got the 3 guys the Mahi at HH early, then were relentless in their pursuit of a Marlin for me. Words could not describe my feelings after fighting the fish for 1.75 hrs.  We will be back!!!

From Van, who went on the Shark Hunt

We had a great time.  We had a pretty activity packed week in Hawaii.  Of all the things we did, my 15 year old son says the shark fishing was the best.  My wife and I had to agree.  I am attaching some pictures of our big Tiger.  Thanks for everything.

Note: The Shark caught was a approx. 15' Tiger Shark estimated at around 900lbs.  The shark was released unharmed.

From Thomas and Maria, who chartered the Start Me Up

Thank you, and especially the crew of the "Start Me Up".  They were both very professional and knew what they were doing.  Wonderful time, first experience on this type of fishing trip and my first trip to Hawaii.  Thanks to your crew, they helped make my 52nd birthday/20th anniversary trip to Maui a very memorable one. 

From George, who chartered Magic 

Just wanted to share the pictures of Greg and his 751 pounder. We were told the marlin had not been hitting, so hooking up with this within a hour from the dock was a definite thrill. With some excellent coaching from the mate, 75 minutes later this monster was alongside the boat. The Magic lived up to its name that day: 2 more smaller marlin, 8 mahi mahi, and 4 wahoo were an impressive total for just two fisherman from Indiana.

Thanks again.

From Kaoru of Japan who fished for bass with Tom Christy on Kauai

We have just returned from MY fishing trip. (my wife said it was NOT A FISHING trip but just a vacation...... : ) I caught 2 big peacock basses and many other fishes, wow! It was a SPECIAL EXPERIENCE for me and I shall never forget it!!!

Tom was a good guy and, of course, a great guide. Please give my best regards to him when you have an opportunity to contact with him. Also I heartily appreciate your quick correspondence and your kind supports.