Hawaii Fishing Report

         Here in Hawaii we target four main species: Marlin (Blues, Striped, Black, and Spearfish), Tunas (Yellowfin also known as Ahi, Bigeye and Skipjack also known as Aku), Mahimahi (also known as Dolphinfish or Dorado), and Ono (also known as Wahoo). 

Hawaii fishing report

All species of fish we target can be caught all year long because our water temperature remains 72-80 degrees all year long (cooler in the winter, warmer in the summer).  Hawaii remains as the only fishery in the world where a Marlin in excess of 1000 pounds has been caught in every calendar month of the year. 

Generally speaking, summer months produce more Yellowfin, Skipjack, Ono, and Blue Marlin. Winter months produce more Striped Marlin and Bigeye tuna, and spring and fall months produce more Mahimahi.

Bottom line is we literally have all of our fish here to some degree 365 days a year, and therefore, Hawaii is a great place to fish for Marlin and large tuna all year long.  We have hot times and cold times for everything, but that is more a result of ocean currents and availability of baitfish coming through on a warm or cold eddie than anything to do with the calendar.   

Current Hawaii fishing report: