June Fishing Report

June marks the start of the summer season which means Blue Marlin, Ono and Ahi begnning to show up in full force.  Some large Blue Marin over 300lbs were reported in June along with some smaller ones in the 100lb+ range.  We also had some nice Ahi brought in in the 100lb+ range.  Other fish caught have been Spearfish (looks like a skinny marlin) and Ono.  Look for more Blues and Ahi to be caught into July and the remainder of the summer.  Best time for the big Blue Marlin is June through September.

For the bass fishing on Kauai, we had some unusual heavy rains late in the spring so Tom was not able to get out as many days as he liked.  The weather eventually improved and Tom found some nice good sized largemouth bass in the 5-7lb range.  Peacock bass have not been biting too good yet, so hopefully they will start biting in July as the weather warms up and the rains subside.  You never know with the Peacock Bass when they will decide it's time to bite so we just keep trying for them.