Largest Bass This Year

Earlier this week, Tom Christy our bass guide on Kauai caught the largest bass he has seen so far this year.  It was a huge 8lb largemouth bass.  He reported he was out with clients on a trip and they were almost done fishing for the day.  Tom had not fished as he usually doesn't fish when clients are fishing, but the clients encouraged him to make a few casts.  On his third cast, he layed the worm into a brush pile floating on top of the water.  As the worm began to sink and he drug it through the floating sticks and leaves, he saw the hugh bass take the worm.  He had time to point it out to his clients and they could see the mouth of the bass with the worm in it's grasp.  Boom! Tom set the hook!  He brought it to the boat, took photos of course and then set it free.  We will post photos as soon as we get them from Tom (he's not a tech guy so it takes him a while to get them to us!)