Ihu Nui and Ihu Nui II

Ihu Nui and Ihu Nui II, sportfishing in Kona, Hawaii

The Ihu Nui and Ihu Nui II are both fully equipped, spacious, comfortable boats with excellent, well maintained gear.  Captain McGrew Rice is a second generation charter fisherman and has been fishing since he was a young child. He is very knowledgeable about the waters off our Kona coast and although he is always tournament ready, he is also excellent with families and kids.  Kona waters are generally calm which makes for a great family trip.  Captain McGrew has a few "granders" and world records under his belt and he can target a certain species of fish or go for a little of everything. 

Tony Clark has been fishing in Kona for the past 20 years. He has been the Captain of the Pamela and the Anxious. He hs also run many boats in Cabo for the Tournaments there.

Oskie Rice is McGrew's middle son and has fished all of his life. He has just spent the last 15 years traveling the Atlantic with a Game Boat and Mother Ship. He is 1 of 5 in the world that has caught all three :Granders" of all species of Marlin. Black, Pacific Blue and Atlantic Blue.

As with many of the Sportfish Hawaii boats, Ihu Nui has a "Keep your catch" policy and well be happy to cut as much table fish for you as you can reasonably eat while visiting the island.  Marlin are encouraged to be tagged and released, however, they may be brought in for photos at the dock, it's up to you.  Marlin that are brought in are donated by the boat to local charities.  Excess table fish are taken to the market.  

The Ihu Nui has also participated in Marlin University, where anglers sign up every year to meet in a different part of the world to learn about marlin fishing and how to hone their fishing skills from top billfishing professionals.  In July 2010 Marlin University came to Kona and Ihu Nui spent 4 days working with anglers and professionals from all over the world.  

Sportfish Hawaii is proud to offer the Ihu Nui and Ihu Nui II as two of our selected charter boats.  

Ihu Nui Captain McGrew Rice in Kona, Hawaii

First Grander of 2015 Landed on Ihu Nui February 18, 2015

1058lb Blue Marlin landed by 16 year old Kai Rizzuto.  Kai is the grandson of long time Kona fishing author and sportswriter Jim Rizzuto.  Kai was in town from New York visiting his grandfather.  The news of the catch has gone national, see links below for the story:



Blue Marlin on Ihu Nui, Kona, Hawaii

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