Kid's Offshore Fishing

Many people ask us if it's OK to bring kid's on an offshore fishing trip.  We generally recommend that kids be at least 7 years old to go on an offshore charter.  For kids under 7, the near shore bottom fishing trips are more appropriate unless they have previous offshore experience.  The boats do rock around offshore, so kids need to be old enough to be aware of the movement and be able to hang on and get around the boat without falling.  Many times kids tend to get bored quickly, so we recommend bringing a hand held game or portable DVD player or something for them to do when the action is slow.  Sportfish Hawaii's Jake House caught his first large Mahi on the Wild Bunch when he was 10 years old.  Dad had to help hold the rod up, but he reeled it in himself.  It was a tough fighting 29lb Mahi and Jake was so proud when he finally got it to the boat.  Capt. Karl was excellent help.  The same day he reeled in another Mahi around 18lb with no assistance from Dad this time.  What a thrill it was for us as parents to see him so excited reeling in the fish.  So, yes, we do recommend bringing the kids as it's a fun, rewarding experience and they might even learn something about nature and the ocean.