Sportfish Hawaii's Customer Satisfaction Pledge

Sportfish Hawaii wants you to be happy with your fishing adventure in Hawaii.   The photos and information we provide on our site and the phone is up to date and constantly maintained, and we know you’ll be happy with any selection you make from the Sportfish Hawaii fleet. 

But how will YOU know for sure? 

We have taken an approach since the beginning that selling you this year’s charter is easy.  But we want your business NEXT YEAR too, and we want you to tell all your friends and family visiting Hawaii about us in a positive light. 

The only way we’re going to achieve customer satisfaction is if we deliver what we promise. 

We’re so confident in our selection of boats that we’re prepared to offer you a


No other company in Hawaii researches their boats and their skippers like we do, and that’s why we’re the only ones that can offer such a guarantee.

You know as well as we do that when mother nature decides to not give up her quarry there’s not much anyone can do.  But skippers and crew can try hard, work the areas that have been productive in the past, and generally do things in a consistent manner that tend to produce results.  They can also run nice boats that are clean and in good working condition.   They can be courteous, educational, informative, and generally be happy that you are their guest at sea.  They can show you a good time, and make you feel like part of the fishing team.  These are the trademarks of a quality company.

Sportfish Hawaii’s pledge to you, our angling guest, is as follows:

1)        During regular business hours (8am to 4pm Weekdays Hawaii Standard Time), we will answer your calls and emails generally the same day, depending on your time zone.  Both our email address and toll free number are listed on most pages of our site for your convenience.

2)        Our information will be specific, informative, and something you can use to make your decision with confidence.  The fishing industry is our passion, and we love to share information about it.

3)        If you are considering booking with another company, we can usually provide a verbal second opinion on any boat you are considering.  If a boat we do not represent is worthy of your business (which many are), well tell you. 

4)        Once you have decided to book through us, you will receive a confirmation with all necessary details of your trip outlined in writing within one business day (assuming you have email or fax).   You will know exactly where you stand on all key issues such as payment, cancellation, and directions to the harbor, and we will promptly answer any additional queries if you have any.

5)        We encourage (but do not require) you to visit your selected vessel upon arrival to the islands.  Remember, most days they will be out until approximately 4:00 pm or so.  This will give you an opportunity to verify we have provided truthful information about the boat and in many cases allow the skipper to re-confirm your trip.

6)        Your boat will be ready to go, and your crew will be courteous and enthusiastic when you arrive.

7)        With a few exceptions, your boat will depart at the specified time.  If it is not ready to go, the reason will be explained, and a suitable remedy will be provided by your skipper.  If the departure is delayed, your trip will still run the specified time or longer unless you decide to end it early.

8)     At sea, your crew will provide all the tackle, instruction, and knowledge required in order for you to do your part in the angling of a fish. 

9)     Your crew will do everything they believe to be in their power to find, raise, strike, and land or release fish.  You may put complete trust in us when we say your captain and crew want to catch a fish MORE than you do.

10)     At the conclusion of your trip, your crew will thank you for being with them and upon request, call for ground transportation, filet any fish agreed upon for your party to take according to their fish disposition policy, and assist you with any taxidermy requests.

If we fail to deliver any of the above pledges to you, we will take immediate steps to appease your concerns.  It is Sportfish Hawaii’s intention to deliver complete and total customer satisfaction on the things we can control, and if we fail we will find a way to make it right with you. 

These are our promises, our pledges, and our guarantees.  These are the rules we guide ourselves by, because we know if you are happy with our service, we will see you again.

Cancellation Policy

The standard cancellation policy requires 3 days notice before your trip to change or cancel your trip.  Cancellations made inside of 3 days before the trip will be charged the full amount of the trip.  This policy can vary by boat and the policy for your chosen boat will be detailed in your written confirmation upon booking.  Where there are exceptions for large groups or specific trips, you will be notified upon booking and again in your written confirmation of the cancellation policy for your particular trip. 

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